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In 2010 the Republican Party seized the House of Representatives by promising to do all they could to create jobs for the American people. They didn't.

Non-Job Creation Legislation of 2011

1-7-2011: Proposed to repeal the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. (Obamacare)

Proposal to limit mandatory printing of bills by the Government Priting Office for the use of the House or Senate.

Voted to provide Capitol-flown flags for recipients of Medal of Honor and to extend the authorization of certain Small Business Administration programs... until May 31, 2011.

Voted to "reduce Federal spending and cut the deficit" by terminating taxpayer financing of presidential campaigns and party conventions.

2-8-2011: Attempted to extend provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005.

Named a courthouse in Yuma, Arizona and attempted to take back money allocated to the United Nations.

Considered Defense appropriations.

Votes to amend rules regarding litigation of Federal employees.

Voted unanimously to extend Highway Authorization bill. Also voted to repeal reporting requirements for payments more than $600 to corporations.

Passed bill to enhance roles of dentists in national disasters, and added veterinarians to the Public Health Service Act. Neither bill passed by the Senate.

3-9-2011: Passed bill to rescind the unobligated funding for the FHA Refinance Program and to terminate the program.

3-14-2011: The House agreed to put a statue of Gerald Ford in the State Capitol.

3-15-2011: THe House voted to give itself a two-week holiday from 3-18 to 3-29.

3-16-2011: The House voted to rescind the third round of funding for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and to terminate the program.

3-17-2011: The House attempted to de-fund Public Radio, and voted down a bill to remove U.S. armed forces from Afghanistan.

3-29-2011: The House voted to alter taxation for the Airport and Airway Trust Fund.

4-1-2011: Approved defunct funding for failed religious schools.

4-6-2011: Attempt to destroy Medicaid.

4-8-2011: Attempt to destroy Planned Parenthood.

4-11-2011: Planning on shutting down the government

4-13-2011: Attempt to destroy the EPA.

4-15-2011: Attempting to eliminate financial counseling.

4-18-2011: Passed a House budget that gives $4 trillion in tax cuts to the rich.

4-20-2011: Spent $500,000 to discriminate against gays.

4-22-2011: Continued toadying for the rich.

4-25-2011: Pretending the deficit is to blame for slow job growth.

4-27-2011: De-funded SETI. (ARGH!!!!!!!)

4-29-2011: Tried to kill Chrysler two years ago... which is now going to pay back all its government loans.

5-2-2011: The Judicial Branch of the GOP, the Supreme Court, votes 5-4 to deny consumer class-action suits.

5-4-2011: Redefining rape. Yes, redefining rape.

5-6-2011: Pushing for spending caps tied to GDP. (That's a really, really REALLY bad idea.)

5-9-2011: Claimed credit for dropping oil prices because they passed a bill.

5-11-2011: Refuse to reduce oil subsidies.

5-13-2011: Stood helplessly and watched as Senator John Ensign made Bill Clinton look like a Carmelite nun.

5-16-2011: Attempt to retool Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare-killing bill.

5-17-2011: Prevented the raising of the federal debt limit. Let the catastrophic job loss begin.

5-18-2011: Watches Rome burn with their Wall Street pals.

5-19-2011: Filibustered bill to repeal oil subsidies.

5-20-2011: Rejected Goodwin Liu for judge simply because Mr. Obama nominated him.

5-23-2011: Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. As in "restrictions".

5-27-2011: Spent five hours debating NPR, five minutes debating Afghanistan.

5-27-2011: GOP releases their jobs plan. Hilarity ensues.

5-30-2011: Continue to hold the debt limit hostage in order to make more money for billionaires.

6-1-2011: Brought to the House floor a bill specifically blaming President Obama's 2012 budget for raising the statutory debt limit by $2.4 trillion dollars, a budget the very same Republican-led Congress earlier passed.

6-6-2011: Pulled from the floor a Democratic resolution to remove soldiers from Libya, because it just might have passed.

6-3-2011: Conceived a plan to replace three federal employees with just one federal employee. Yes, they're now actually reducing jobs.

6-9-2011: Nothing. They did absolutely nothing to create jobs. Not a damn thing.

6-13-2011: Nothing, though they're jabbering a lot about privatizing Social Security. Again. Sigh.

Attempts to cut billions from needy seniors and hungry children in order to raise the defense budget... again.

6-17-2011: The GOP is censoring Democratic congressional newsletters because they're using the GOP's own words to define the excremental Ryan Budget. Nice.

6-20-2011: The GOP held a convention in New Orleans and hired an Obama look-alike to stand on stage and tell racist jokes. So +1 to the GOP for giving a man a job but -1,000,000 points for the kind of job it was.

6-22-2011: I'm sad to report that the GOP didn't do a dang thing to create jobs today, but I'll give them credit for not using senior citizens for skeet shooting practice.

6-24-2011: Yesterday the Democratic Congress stood up on its back legs and finally barked out what so many of us have been saying for the past six months--- that the Republican Congress is actively trying to stall the economy. There, was that so harrrrrrrd?

6-27-2011: The Republican Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling EIGHTEEN times for President Bush. Now the the GOP is holding collective their breaths and pitching fits, perfectly willing to cause world economic collapse just because that darned old spendthrift Obama wants to eliminate the corporate jet depreciation tax credit for their rich friends. Oy vey.

6-29-2011: Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) spent $9 million dollars of his own money in his race for a senate seat in 2010 but afterwards had his own company pay him back to the tune of $10 million in "deferred compensation". Is this illegal? Very probably, though it oddly resulted in one new American job: Senator Ron Johnson. So way to go, GOP! Only ten million more jobs to go.

The GOP is on vacation until the 7th of July, even though a world-altering problem with the debt ceiling is looming. But don't worry, Democratic Senator Harry Reid and his left-wing pals are staying in Washington to get some real work done.

7-4-2011: The GOP was off for the 4th of July holidays.

7-6-2011: No new jobs to speak of but the GOP is working diligently to keep their true constituency, Wall Street fat cats, rolling in simoleons by attempting to roll back the financial reforms passed last year.

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's bright idea is to close tax loop holes.... and then give the accumulated monies back to the rich in the form of reduced taxes. That's our little non-job-makers!

Speaker of the House John "Weepy-Boy" Boehner admits that not raising the debt limit will cost jobs. Ahhh, that explains everything. Atta boy, GOP!

7-13-2011: The GOP claims they passed 9 bills that would create 500,000 jobs. Except they didn't create jobs. They really, really didn't.

7-15-2011: Finally. The GOP is doing some investigating, but it's not about Wall Street or Rupert Murdoch. The target in their cross hairs this time is <groan> Planned Parenthood. Again. This is the official definition of insanity, you know.

7-18-2011: Not only does the GOP continue to insist on slashing federal spending, which will cost jobs, jobs and more jobs, but now they want to hack the Constitution.

7-20-2011: Are you ready? The GOP today passed a bill that would "amend the Securities Act of 1933 to specify when certain securities issued in connection with church plans are treated as exempted securities for purposes of that Act." Ooooh, I'm all a-tingle.

7-22-2011: While unemployment claims are rising again the GOP is putting the screws to small airports in order to kill union labor.

7-25-2011: Speaker of the House John Boehner walks out of a debt ceiling meeting because that mean old pwesident Obama wouldn't knife his health care plan. Poor widdle John.

7-27-2011: No new jobs but at least 4000 workers have hit the bricks as a result of the GOP's jihad against airport unions.

7-29-2011: The GOP wasted the past two days on its version of a debt ceiling bill that even its own party won't vote for. John Boehner is a miserable failure as both the Majority Leader and as a shepherd for these hard times.

8-1-2011: The GOP breaks out the fiddles while the economy burns. The tune they favor is the "Screw The Poor and the Elderly" polka, and they're hitting the coda HARD.

8-3-2011: The GOP is screwing everyone over by refusing to fund the FAA. As a result, airlines owners are currently pocketing millions in taxes that should go to the government.

8-5-2011: GOOD NEWS! The GOP has a plan to create 300,000 jobs.... no, wait. That's eliminate 300,000 jobs. Sorry.

8-8-2011: The GOP is on vacation but their henchmen continue to usurp the voting process by sending out phony absentee ballots.

8-10-2011: The GOP is proposing something called the REINS act which essentially gets rid of safety inspectors. So less jobs and more poison in your children's food. It's win-win, uh, lose-lose, uh, whatever!

8-12-2011: Employees of Boeing had their jobs illegally pulled out from underneath them. Guess which political party is doing their best to see that these employees don't have their day in court. Bingo!

8-15-2011: Yayyyy! Republican Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee (which investigates government corruption) is keeping his home district busy by securing millions of dollars for road and public works projects. I guess it was just a complete coincidence that most of the work is planned near properties Mr. Issa owns. Uh-oh.

8-17-2011: Republicans Darrell Issa and Dennis Ross introduced a bill in July that would accelerate the destruction of the USPS and put all of its employees, hundreds of thousands of good Americans, out of work.

Damn Darrell Issa and damn Dennis Ross! Fuck 'em until their ancestors rise from the dead and beg forgiveness for ever having sired the malevolent little bastards.

8-19-2011: Hey, look! Good old Darrell Issa, Republican, has hired a guy named Peter Haller to help effect new regulations for banks, like Goldman Sachs. Unfortunately, Mr. Heller used to be called Peter Simonyi when he was a vice president for (wait for it) Goldman Sachs. Oh, you can bet you boots there's nothing underhanded about hiding behind another name. Not a thing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

8-22-2011: The GOP has a new job-creation plan... to have one rammed down their throats. You see, the Democrats want to include a job-creation trigger in the new Super Committee that will require the Republican Party to vote either for or against it. To vote against it would be, uhhh, dumb but I wouldn't put anything past our little conservative pals. Stay tuned.

8-24-2011: The GOP has been quiet on the job front lately so I have a request of Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry...

Re-invest in your porno companies, Rick.

It doesn't have to be a large investment but at the very least you'd put a few porn stars back on the cock, uh, I mean clock. Heck, if you're lucky they might even name a new position after you, one that no doubt involves the same anal lube that keeps your hair in place.

8-26-2011: Hey! It's our old pal Darrell Issa again, and he's hired a very nice man named Kurt Bardella to work for him on the Oversight Committee... only it's the same Kurt Bardella he fired five months ago for breach of trust. Guess this leopard found some really effective spot remover.

8-29-2011: Suppose you have a job but you need help with your mortgage. There's still $30 billion in the Troubled Asset Relief Program but the GOP wants to re-route that money to the federal deficit. This means more people will lose their homes and perhaps become homeless. Eventually jobless. Nice work, GOP.

8-31-2011: When the GOP returns from vacation they plan on voting every week to gut every government regulation within arm's reach because, you know, "regulation costs jobs". What they refuse to acknowledge is that regulation has been proven to actually create jobs.

After unbridled "success" wrecking the economy once again with their "debt-ceiling" stunt House and Senate Republicans are starting to mumble about stalling the upcoming Highway Bill, costing Americans almost 2 million jobs. (These bills have traditionally been passed by overwhelming margins.)

9-3-2011: A recent CNN poll reveals that those who self-identify as Republicans would rather the president focus on jobs, not the deficit, by a margin of 54%-44%. So why has the Republican Party not proposed one, single jobs bill in nine months?

Because they're not Republicans! They're shills for their corporate masters who they can't WAIT to get another Republican stooge in the White House so they can screw the American people all over again like they did from 2001-2009.

9-5-2011: The GOP is on a Labor Day break, which is sort of like atheists enjoying Christmas services with the Pope, so not much in terms of job creation is happening. For now, we'll just have to thank presidential candidate Mitt "Magic Underpants" Romney for hiring all of the workers who will be laboring to quadruple the size of his California beachfront mansion.

9-6-2011: Michelle Bachmann has a brilliant new answer for lots of high-paying jobs... slash the corporate tax rate to zero.... except corporate America is already paying an effective rate of zero. Even so, job creation is down the dumper. Back to the Etch-A-Sketch, Michelle.

9-8-2011: Presidential candidates Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain have just announced their jobs programs. It's tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for the rich, and tax cuts for the rich. Why didn't we think of this before?

9-9-2011: Rick Perry wants to kill Social Security. He also wants to eliminate the FDA, the FCC, the U.S. Post Office and just about all other federal employees except the military, the Supreme Court and himself. It's kind of a jobs plan if you long for 12th century feudalism.

9-11-2011: On Friday President Obama outlined a job's plan that is seen by economists as win-win. The Republican response to the program is to whine about it.

9-12-2011: Not much governance today so I think I'll just make a little comparison... which two types of professions do you think result in more jobs? Wall Street commodity speculators, or educators? And which group do you think the GOP is doing its darndest to reduce in numbers?

9-14-2011: I gotta hand it to the GOP. In this bleak economy they've found a way to increase jobs... in hospital emergency rooms. What they're doing is trying to cut funding in the transportation bill for bike paths and pedestrian walkways, thus ensuring more mayhem on our streets and guaranteed employment for EMT workers. It's pure gee-nyuss I tells ya!

9-15-2011: Today the GOP-led House passed a bill that would make it easier to fire union workers, union organizers, or simply move jobs overseas in order to bust a union. In essence, an anti-jobs bill.

9-16-2011: The government has provided loans that help the auto industry create jobs, loans that helped keep the assembly of the Ford Focus and the Nissan Leaf right here on American soil. Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor plans to strip half that money to repair damage from Hurricane Irene... in HIS district.

9-16-2011: President Obama is trying to fast track job creation for a company called LightSquared and Republicans are pissed, evidently because the owner of the company had the audacity to donate to the Democratic Party. He, uh, ahem, also donated equally to the Republican Party.

9-19-2011: Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is back with a pithy statement about Mr. Obama's jobs bill: "While an all or nothing approach might make sense to some communicators, I hope the President realizes it would be better to work together." This from a man whose stated job it is to say, and I quote, "No" to anything the president proposes. I hope he gets a painful boil on his uvula.

9-21-2011: The leaders of the Republican Party just sent a letter to the Federal Reserve saying "Keep unemployment high." Honestly, the letter says, in essence, "Hey, those guys out there in the ocean are drowning. Hide the life-preservers."

9-23-2011: Look! It's Darrell Issa, Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, creating jobs. He's stumping for a huge loan package on behalf of a company, Aptera, which makes electric cars. This is great news, especially for the green economy, although I wonder if Mr. Issa would be so ecstatic if the company in question wasn't a major contributor to his campaigns.


One more thing... the day after sending the glowing recommendation to the Energy Department Mr. Issa conducted a hearing entitled "How Obama’s Green Energy Agenda is Killing Jobs." Double-oops.

9-26-2011: The GOP is being suspiciously quiet so I want to take this opportunity to show you just how badly the Bush administration fucked-over the American people. Here's a chart of the GNP for this country over the past 60 years:

See that massive drop in 2008, the only drop in over 60 years? That's the Bush administration shedding jobs in this country hand over fist, just so the GOP could have the corporate-owned media blame Mr. Obama.

As you can see the GNP has recovered and business in this country is doing fine but they're not hiring and they're not going to hire until Mr. Obama is gone. It's not enough for the Koch's of this world to reap absurd profits. They want it all.

9-30-2011: Here's a novel way that the GOP creates fewer jobs; Refusing to appoint federal judges. Only 62% of Mr. Obama's choice of judges (A record glacial pace) have been approved so far and some have had to undergo the process for over a year. As far as the GOP is concerned, the only good activist judge is a Republican-appointed activist judge.

10-3-2011: Does it come as a surprise to anyone that the GOP is trying to slash job-training  programs?

10-5-2011: Today was the day the president's jobs' bill was introduced. It was blocked by not one, not two, but three parliamentary roadblocks by the GOP. They, of course, have the right to do that but the least the little bastards could do is create a jobs plan of their own as a counter-move. But they can't do that as it would expose them for the progress-blocking charlatans they are.

10-7-2011: The Republicans are thumping their chests in response to the President's jobs bill, hooting about the six jobs creation bills that they've passed and which are currently stalled in the Senate. But, y'see, there's good reason for them to be stalled. As in, they don't create jobs.

10-10-2011: Here is what the GOP is trying to get you to believe: As long as the country continues to shed jobs it will eventually create jobs.

The GOP isn't really that stupid and they don't think the public is really that stupid, they're just not going to do anything that might help the economy.

10-12-2011: Hey! Look at that! The GOP voted down President Obama's jobs bill. Good thing they had another jobs bill of their own ready to.... Oh, they didn't? Really? What a shock.

10-14-2011: The GOP wasted the day voting on a redundant anti-abortion bill that would doom pregnant women to a horrible death. They took this purely symbolic vote just to waste more time.

On the bright side, the GOP unveiled a jobs bills... if by "jobs" you mean destroying the environment, excising unions, off-shoring jobs, and making the rich even richer. This bill, according to many, would actually result in the loss of existing jobs.

I don't like imagery to get in the way of facts on this site but the following comic by Matt Bors was too beautifully on-target to keep to myself.

10-17-2011: Amtrak, for all its faults, carried a record number of riders last year, indicating an undeniable need for its service. Naturally, the GOP wants to cut its funding off at the knees, possibly resulting in killing it altogether. But who cares, right? Rich people don't ride public transportation.

The House is on vacation this week so the Tea Party Nation is rising to the challenge of job-creation by, uh, demanding that businesses stop hiring. In their constipated little minds they feel that this will teach President Obama a lesson for being a socialist, or a dictator, or.... something.

10-21-2011: The Washington Post is firmly in the Conservative pocket but even they came right out and called the Republican jobs bill "ludicrous" today. Oh, snap!

10-24-2011: The GOP is still on vacation but that doesn't stop Republican congressman Paul Ryan from rolling up his sleeves and trying to cut Pell Grants. He thinks they're a scam even though he himself used government money to put himself through college. Thanks a heap, ya hypocrite.

10-31-2011: A new report revels that GOP "job-creating" spending cuts resulted in the loss of 370,000 jobs. Gosh, who'd-a-thunk?

11-2-2011: According to the AP the Republican jobs plan would create no jobs.

So what does the GOP spend the day doing? They voted to reaffirm that "In God We Trust" is the national motto, just in case someone missed the point that they no longer give a crap about doing anything useful.

11-4-2011: Yay! It's a GOP jobs bill! No, wait... sorry, they're just deregulating securities and calling it a jobs bill. My mistake.

11-7-2011: While the GOP stood around with their thumbs up their rumps the Democrats introduced an unemployment extension bill.

11-9-2011: One of the first things the GOP did after gaining the House after the 2010 mid-terms was change the schedule so that they'd work fewer days, only 109 days the entire year. The average sucker (That's you!) works 258 days a year. The House will be in session only 16 more days the rest of the year. Now you know why nothing gets done.

11-11-2011: The so-called "Super Committee" is supposed to be trying to find ways to cut the deficit, but the Republicans on the Committee are only interested in making the Bush tax cuts permanent, which would only hurt the economy. Nice going, ya pinheads.

11-14-2011: The House and Senate are on hiatus but presidential candidates Gingrich, Bachmann, and Perry want to, respectively, start a war against Iran, make America like China, and turn nuclear regulation over to the equivalent of McDonalds.

11-16-2011: The House is wasting your time pushing a bill that makes it even easier for people to carry concealed weapons from state-to-state. Can you say "Raw-Meat-Dog- Whistle?". Can you also say "Gabrielle Giffords?"

11-18-2011: The House is once again considering the "Balanced Budget Amendment", which sounds almost reasonable until you learn it could cost millions of jobs. Oy vey.

11-21-2011: The Republican half of the Supercommittee refuses to give up the Bush tax cuts. As long as the 1% keeps raking in the dough everyone else will suffer, and the rich just LOVE that.

11-23-2011: Though Newt Gingrich couldn't be elected dog-catcher, much less Chief Executive, he's shedding light on the next Great Frontier in GOP job creation... child labor. Yes, according to dear old Newt the little bastards have had it too easy all these years. That's nuclear class-warfare, folks.

11-25-2011: Rick Santorum, candidate for president, succinctly reminds us why the GOP isn't interested in creating jobs. It's because poor people are supposed to suffer, and making people suffer is the Christian thing to do.

11-28-2011: Thanksgiving holiday. Lots of football and turkey, not so much job-creation. See you Wednesday, amigos.

11-30-2011: The House did nothing today except postpone votes on suspension bills. Atta boy, GOP!

12-2-2011: The GOP just killed the payroll tax roll-back, which means they just raised taxes on anyone who gets a paycheck. This also means more money out of the pockets of the Average Joe and fewer jobs as there's less money to go around. I'll bet Speaker Boehner is just crying his eyes out.

12-5-2011: The GOP's idea to pay for the payroll tax cut is to cut food stamps and unemployment benefits, pitching it as a way to punish people who make over a million dollars. I kid you not.

12-7-2011: The GOP is wasting time gearing-up to oppose the nomination of Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, even though Mr. Cordray will probably be appointed during congressional recess.

12-9-2011: The U.S. Postal Service is going to cut 28,000 jobs because the Republican Party passed a law in 2006 requiring the PO to fund 75 years of retiree benefits in just ten years.

It's times like these that I wish there really was a Hell so I could damn the Republican Party to it.

12-12-2011: Nearly 15% of workers are projected to be unemployed at some point in 2012. Way to keep that laser-like focus on jobs, GOP.

12-14-2011: The House spent the day passing a payroll tax-cut extension bill which, because it's packed to the gills with poison pills, has no chance of escaping the Senate alive. The little bastards knew it and passed the bill anyway just so they can say the Democrats vetoed a payroll tax-cut bill.

12-16-2011: Today the House wasted time debating the excremental SOPA bill, but it was ultimately tabled until the 16th of January. Call your congressman now and demand he oppose this wretched bit of legislation.

12-19-2011: The GOP is getting the hell out of Dodge for the holidays, but a quick accounting of their first year in charge of the House reveals they voted a record 191 times against environmental protection laws. That's almost one vote for every day they were in session. Yuck!

Today the House leadership rejected without vote a Payroll Tax Cut bill that the Senate and House would have overwhelmingly voted for. If you need any further proof that the only thing the GOP cares about is how badly it can ruin the economy, this is it.

Wow. Just... wow.

Addendum: House Democrats today tried to force an up-or-down vote on the Payroll Tax bill but the Republican Speaker Pro-Temp ignored them. When Democrats protested John Boehner had C-SPAN cut the video and audio feed of the proceedings. The video, however, can be seen here.

Double Wow.

12-25-2011: Our government is now in recess for the holidays.

Sorry. No job creation in 2011. In fact, if you want to really understand what the Republican Party is trying to tell you simply insert the phrase "corporate profits" every time they say "jobs".

If you're a glutton for punishment, click here for non-job creation in 2012.

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